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PhazeComp is Zick Technologies’ new program for compositional phase behavior computations using an equation of state (EOS). It acts as a virtual PVT (pressure-volume-temperature) laboratory and as a vehicle for tuning EOS fluid characterizations. It can simulate practically any single-cell PVT experiment one can imagine (and many multi-cell experiments as well). It will accept, as input, virtually any data that can be measured in such an experiment. It will then adjust (through non-linear, user-weighted, least-squares regression) any user-selected combination of EOS parameters to optimize the predictions of the experimental data.

PhazeComp will perform all of the calculations expected of a petroleum engineering PVT program, including the simulation of all standard PVT experiments, the prediction of gravity-induced compositional gradients, and the generation of black oil PVT tables. It will use any of the industry standard cubic equations of state and will easily interface with other industry standard software, such as reservoir simulators. These capabilities are not unusual, but PhazeComp also has many unique features, which include:

PhazeComp is the culmination of approximately 40 years of experience in writing EOS and PVT software, which began with the writing of EOSPHASE, an in-house PVT program for ARCO Oil and Gas Company. Even though ARCO no longer exists, EOSPHASE is still in use within the companies that acquired ARCO’s assets, and it still compares favorably with other PVT programs of today. Its considerable capabilities are far exceeded by those of PhazeComp, however. Zick Technologies is confident that, from now on, the program of choice for the industry’s true PVT experts will be PhazeComp.

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