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Industrial Training

Industry courses can be custom-designed for the desired number of participants and the desired level of intensity from any or all of the following topics of expertise.

Petroleum Engineering Thermodynamics

Pressure-volume-temperature-composition relationships, Gibbs Phase Rule, chemical potentials, Gibbs Free Energy, phase equilibria, boiling points, dew points, freezing points, vapor pressures, saturation pressures, critical points, compressibility factors, equilibrium K-values, phase behavior for simple and complex (petroleum) fluids.

Equations of State

Van der Waals EOS, Redlich-Kwong EOS, Soave-Redlich-Kwong EOS, Peng-Robinson EOS, generalized cubic EOS, volume shifts, mixing rules, temperature dependence, asymptotic behavior, derivations (parameters, compressibility factors, fugacities, etc.), solution techniques (cubic solver, Rachford-Rice solver, successive substitution, Newton’s method, energy minimization methods), numerical analysis issues (round-off, efficiency, robustness), multiphase equilibria.

Fluid Characterization

Bulk properties (molecular weights, specific gravities, boiling points), fluid analyses (by gas chromatography and True Boiling Point), heavy end distributions, oil-based mud contamination, standard black-oil experiments (separator tests, constant composition expansions, differential liberations, constant volume depletions), specialized compositional experiments (swelling, multi-contact, slimtube), data selection, data checking, data correction, initializing a characterization, parameter correlations, dealing with multiple samples, experiment simulation, non-linear regression, variable selection, data weighting, trial and error strategies, characterization assessment, consistency checks, viscosity tuning, gravitational segregation for in-situ compositions, reduced-component characterizations (pseudoization), black-oil characterizations.

Multi-Contact Miscibility

First-contact miscibility, condensing gas drive (CGD) miscibility, vaporizing gas drive miscibility (VGD), condensing/vaporizing gas drive miscibility (C/V), minimum miscibility pressures and enrichments (MMPs and MMEs), pressure-composition diagrams, ternary and pseudo-ternary diagrams, quaternary diagrams, single-cell backward-contacting experiments, single-cell forward-contacting (and rising bubble) experiments, slimtube experiments and simulations, multi-cell multi-contact experiments and simulations, method of characteristics.


Principles, syntax, commands and sub-commands, data structure, data entry, building data-sets, debugging data-sets, including files, defining macros, defining fluid characterizations, defining and manipulating fluid streams, using Gamma distributions, converting characterizations (splitting and pseudoization), simulating experiments, defining and using processes, defining and using variables, example applications.

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