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PhazeComp is a state-of-the-art, equation-of-state PVT package for compositional phase behavior modeling and fluid characterization. More details…


Documentation and example files, along with the current Windows version of PhazeComp and its license utilities, are available below (a version for Mac OS X is available by request; other versions may be available by contract). If you have never tried PhazeComp before, you may want to download the entire package, but make sure you look at the documentation and the examples first. Then try running the downloaded application on some of the example files. The initial execution of PhazeComp will automatically install a free, 30-day, full-featured license on your computer. After the 30-day evaluation period, the license will still allow PhazeComp to run, but only in a limited, demonstration mode. To restore the license to full-featured mode (or a subset thereof), please contact us.

Note: If you are updating a previous installation of PhazeComp on your computer, be careful that you do not delete any active license files during the process. You will not be able to restore your license without our assistance (nor will you get a new 30-day trial license). More specifically, if you want to preserve an active license, then at no time should you delete any of your existing PhazeComp installation unless you have previously moved (not just copied) the license files out of the directories you plan to delete. It should always be safe, however, to overwrite any portion of an existing PhazeComp installation with the corresponding files or directories downloaded here, as this should not affect your existing license files.

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